In today's marketplace, a photograph might be the first and only impression to be made on a potential buyer. Dennis is often called a perfectionist. Isn't that the attention to detail you want to represent you or your product?

Eckel Advertising, established in 1978, developed a diversified client base in industries including real estate, medical, financial, insurance and retail.

Dennis Eckel, president, formally managed the marketing department for a naitional builder. Previous experience included working with the Advanced Design and Planning Group of GTE Sylvania, New York.

With a graphic design background, Dennis particularly enjoyed the visual aspect of the advertising business and was drawn to photography himself after years of directing.

Architectural photography was Dennis' first area of specialization. It was second nature to him to work with architects, builders and interior designers. Lifestyle photography soon followed as his clients began offering enhanced amenities in their planned communities.

After locating to Scottsdale, Arizona, Dennis was intrigued by the natural beauty of the land and the majesty of the equine population. Far different from photographing architecture, he found it thriling to capture the spirit and grace of such beautiful animals. Dennis especially enjoyed applying a unique creative slant to equine photography to make the images compelling to the viewer.

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